Chaysee Bamee Kieaw Thai Noodle
Business franchises, a four-noodle dumpling. The food business by selling noodles franchise to people who do business with companies interested in investing. With an emphasis on quality, taste and cleanliness standards for the franchise and consumer confidence in product quality. Under a franchise, “a four noodles, dumplings”.

The business application franchise, a four noodles, dumplings.
A. Find a place to sell.
Customers who are interested in selling, you will find easy to sell or give away its location to any location. That can be sold from the sale of a noodle shop. Four men down at least a mile or a mile, if not, it can be. But do not make the same impact or complaints against the company. According to the rules of the company. Who is going to be later removed by the regulations.
Two. Contact us to arrange a contract.
When you sell your property. You can call to verify that such places can be sold or not.
Phone number. 0-2904-5223-7 Fax 0-2904-5634.
When sales offices. The property has been sold to the evidence. To the contract.
- Copy of the second sheet.
- Copy of two sheets.
Three. Sales training methods.
We will organize training courses. Selling a property with four noodles, dumplings are made every week. What training will be the headquarters of the company – training course on Tuesday.
- Wednesday, Thursday and operating it.
And in the region. Please contact your local branch.
- North Kauai Mon Tue locations.
- Official Partners: Mon Tue Piacฆpomipisai Welcome.
- East Pattaya Mon Tue clients.
- South London Mon Tue Punpin.
4. Choose kit for sale. Pay for equipment sales. The product. And the copyright.
When the train passes, then the customer will be charged as follows.
- A high-class equipment (large) for 58,000. – Baht
** You can sell it. I find nothing more. Some customers are not taken. Decreased proportionally.
- Be the first product for 2820. – Baht
- All vehicle registration fee per year for 1400. – Baht
** You can pay for the equipment sold. For details, please contact your sales representative.
When you have a franchise, a Tokyo noodle dumplings are four. Then you can get.
- Write to a register book.
- For the second birth to children 2 to 4 people each Ram 1400. – B
- Get a discount coupon to buy goods. According to the company to set up a time.
- 14,000 hospital bill. – B / up to 1400 times. – B / year.
- Protection of the 104,000 deaths every case. – B
Five. Transmission equipment sales. To the point of sale location.
The equipment will be delivered to you free of charge to the point it was up to 150 km distance in excess of 150 km will be the first fee increase in the price of 7 kilometers. – USD (in regions as well).
6. Line staff to deliver raw materials to the point of sale.
The company has to offer goods and materials used to sell to customers every day by customers. Call to order delivery time employees.
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