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Franchise business that today. Say that you are familiar and have already been sampled.
Selling fried chicken. Hamburger And beverages in stores and service delivery.
The fast food and restaurant business.
Business (Thailand) KFC.
Business Name (English) KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

The KFC is the first initiative is Mr Dylan Sanders, George, about 40 years ago, he had a special chicken recipe of herbs, 11 species of birds which are very popular. And expanding the field to start selling franchises since 2507, then sold the property to John Y. Brown, Mr. Jackson’s mass, both of which were sold. A wine list with these values ​​and Heublein.

Then, for 15 years, KFC has passed to reach the Pepsi Co., which owns the franchise for several brands.

Management in Thailand is the franchise’s live up to the third company that oversees the Central Fast Foods bought the rights last year, 2527, the CPI has a joint venture with the parent company. CP Company, KFC, Ltd., Siam (Thailand) Co., Ltd. since 2532, and Mary’s Restaurant Bar. The parent company itself. The self-administration.

The products and services.
Selling fried chicken. Hamburger And beverages, both in service delivery and the number 1150.

KFC’s chicken, which verified that all systems across the country. A chicken farm. Which comply with the Animal Welfare (Animal Welfare) without animal suffering.Requirements of the European Union (EU) and the standards of Animal Welfare was the first country outside Europe. And certified. ”Healthy, safe non-organic animals suffer.Environment, “according to international standards.

KFC is not chicken farms. Their own and do not own or manage any chicken processing plant on the other hand, all the chicken in KFC stores across the country. The productivity of the farm. Certified standards of good animal welfare (Animal Welfare) is known as “non-organic chicken, animal torture,” Today, the manufacturer will send a “chicken” right at KFC every day. Then we will be cooking with a secret recipe, KFC, the food that is rich in nutritious proteins and fresh taste.
The company Yum Restaurants International, The Secret Island (Thailand) Limited.
Address 15th Floor, Two Pacific Place 142 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110.
Tel. 02-6532900.
Fax: 02-6532866, 02-6532861.
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